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Chocolate Orange Mild

All day event

A dark mahogany brew that balances roasted, chocolatey malt sweetness with a delicate underlying citrus flavour.
STYLE - Dark Mild
HOPS - Mandarina
SEE - Dark Mahogany
SMELL - Tangerine
TASTE - Chocolate, Caramel, Orange
BITTER - 3/5
SWEET - 4/5

Fri 1st -
Sun 31st
100 Years Brew

All day event

In a hat-tip to CAMRA's Mild May initiative, this light mild is inspired by a recipe from the archives of 1920. This rich gold beer delivers a spicy and floral aroma with a nostalgic mellow and delicate flavour.
STYLE - Light Mild
HOPS - English Fuggles Hops
SEE - Rich Gold
SMELL - Spicy, Floral
TASTE - Refreshing, Mellow, Delicate
BITTER - 2/5
SWEET - 3/5

Fri 1st -
Tue 30th

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